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  1. Clean up header bar/menu
  2. Consolidate add & remove to/from class
  3. Fix Date check to correct day timeframe - TimeZone/Daylight
  4. Have copy attendance button show for specific classes
  5. Add unpaid on testing day
  6. Add teaching summary to test report
  7. Save client's rank if inactive

  1. Move button changes to successful .post
  2. Add error banner to capture code issues for user
  3. Add console.log output for other error types
  4. clean up all pages
  5. check enrollment for testing report
  6. Log In/Out option - Test Mode option button
  7. Clean up ready.js - header buttons
  8. Clean up classVisits.js
  9. Clean up allClients.js
  10. Fix auto select current/next class to show on index.php
  11. Cross Browser/Device cleanup
  12. !!! Reduce Call's to MB for client rank report
  13. Add shortcut in the menu for CN page

    V2.0 LIST
  1. Pull parameters off of code and pull from server?
  2. Clean up all service items
  3. Add edit option to server SQL